Wolff: Verstappen to Mercedes? Everything is open

Toto Wolff ranks Fernando Alonso as one of the best but says he would not consider putting him in a Mercedes; he is however open to the possibility of Max Verstappen.

“Fernando is undoubtedly one of the strongest drivers and after his adventures at Ferrari he no longer had the opportunity to drive a competitive car,” Wolff said in interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Due to a series of circumstances the top teams already have their “alpha “driver.

“Sometimes it’s not enough to be good at driving, you also need to have the right circumstances.”

Wolff was asked about the possibility of Verstappen joining Hamilton in 2021 when his Red Bull deal expires.

“That’s too far away,” he said, “we are fighting for the 2019 title and planning for 2020.”

Pressed as to whether Verstappen could fit on the ‘hypothetical Mercedes list’, Wolff said: “Everything is open after 2020.”