Villeneuve says Ricciardo deserved a penalty more than Vettel

1997 F1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve says that Daniel Ricciardo deserved a penalty for defending against Valtteri Bottas on the back straight more than Sebastian Vettel deserved his penalty for impeding Lewis Hamilton in a dangerous re-entry to the track.

Villeneuve told: “I wasn’t surprised by Vettel’s penalty, because it’s often the opposite of what happens.

“Ricciardo deserved a penalty for the way he drove in a straight line, and he didn’t get one. It’s often been like that.

“It’s bad for F1 anyway. It ruined the race because it was a bad call, not because, ‘It should have been a different winner.’

“If Vettel had done something dirty or bad, like Ricciardo did on the straight, that would have deserved a penalty, and that would have been fine, even though it would have been another Lewis win.”