Vettel says ‘why not?’ to longer Ferrari future

Sebastian Vettel says he might stay at Ferrari even beyond the end of his 2020 contract.

“I see myself at Ferrari for five more years, and as world champion,” the 21-year-old said at the team’s pre-Italian GP celebrations in Milan on Wednesday.”

“The fact that they invited me? I was very pleased, and means they do not look back to the past with resentment,” Montezemolo said.

When asked about Leclerc, Montezemolo added: “He reminds me of a young Lauda, quickly learning from his mistakes.”

And Alesi said: “There is no doubt, the future belongs to Charles at Ferrari.”

“There are 22 races, but only one Monza and only one Italian audience,” F1 CEO Carey said.

“It is very important that we all work together, especially for the development of the car,” Vettel said, referring to Leclerc.

“Charles was stronger at Spa and I don’t like that obviously, but I hope the situation is reversed at Monza. He is very fast and there’s always something to learn.”

“Whether I am going to continue? Why not?” the German smiled.

As for the title? Former president Montezemolo said: “In this sport, you can never say never.”