Verstappen opted not to screw Hamilton after incident

Max Verstappen chose not to try and “screw” Lewis Hamilton by unduly blaming the Mercedes driver during the pair’s hearing with the stewards on Friday following their incident in FP2.

“When something like that happens, I’m not going make any problems out of it. In the end we don’t fight Mercedes anyway.” He told to Zigo sport

“If it’s for the championship or if you expect to really fight with Mercedes team this weekend in Paul Ricard, then you maybe try and screw them.”

“But I don’t feel like doing that at this moment.”

“It’s just the decent thing to not whine about it like ‘yes, he held me up’”.

“It can happen, that he doesn’t see you in the mirrors because you could see that he was looking.

“But those mirrors aren’t very big and that part of the track is very wide. So he wasn’t able to see me in the mirror.”