Verstappen: I’m quicker than Hamilton and Leclerc

Verstappen thinks he can go ‘two tenths quicker’ than Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc if he had the same car as them.

“I personally feel that if I’m in the same car, I can go two tenths of a second faster than them [Hamilton n Leclerc,” said Verstappen

“When I saw that lap [Leclerc’s Singapore pole] again, I thought ‘well, there really is some time to be gained there,’ I don’t want to sound arrogant, but as a driver you have to think you’re the fastest.”

“I think it’s clear that I sometimes overperformed this year,” Verstappen added.

“People often think ‘well Red Bull are not that bad, that team is on the same level as the rest.’ In my opinion however, we are often a little further away than it seems.

“Before Singapore, I thought we could compete for the world title next season. Maybe not anymore.

“As a team, we must try to think further ahead than we already have. We are not where we need to be.”

“We have not yet taken the steps needed to be competitive next year.”

Source: planet f1