Verstappen criticises Leclerc after Suzuka collision

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc collided in corner 2, the Red Bull driver veered into the grass after a touch and had to give up the race 14 laps later due to massive damage to the RB15.

“We had a really good start,” says Verstappen

“I just stayed on the outside and thought I had the corner. Then in turn 2 Charles just drove into my side.”

“He couldn’t have done anything differently in that situation, the Dutchman said.

“I like a tough race, but that wasn’t a tough race. That was irresponsible driving.”

“I left him room on the inner line and was ahead,” he defended himself.

“I don’t understand what he was doing. Of course you always lose downforce from the car in front, but I had that too.”

“I can’t understand what happened there.”