Verstappen and Honda will dominate for years

Max Verstappen and Honda will dominate in the coming years, that’s according to Former F1 driver, Stefan Johansson.

“I think this is the beginning of a new era,” former F1 driver Stefan Johansson predicts.

“As I said a year ago, Verstappen and Honda will dominate, probably for four or five years once they get it right, which they will.

“When Honda is committed they always get it right in the end, and once they do they are very hard to stop,” he added.

With the points gap to Hamilton standing at almost 70 points, team boss Christian Horner thinks a true championship challenge will need to wait for now.

“As we get better performance from the car, and as Honda moves forward, it will be a year of construction for 2020,” said Horner.

“Hopefully there are more exciting races to come this year, and Max can keep racing against Lewis and Ferrari. It’s promising for the future,” said Horner.