‘Top teams will use 2020 to create advantage for 2021’

Marcin Budkowski fears the top three teams will use 2020 to get a head start on the 2021 regulations.

“What’s too bad is that the budget cap won’t be implemented until the start of the 2021 season,” he was quoted by Race Fans.

“However, the 2021 cars will go into development this year and next, with no budget cap applied.

“That means there’s a good chance the big teams will be able to keep their lead and reduce the competitiveness, right from the very start.”

Racing Point’s Sergio Perez also voiced his concern that too much change will still favour the teams with the most resources.

“The more we change, the more advantage that we give to the bigger teams to create the gap that we are all worried about,” he told Fox Sports.

“We will see what we are able to bring as a sport for 2021.”