Seven seconds slower cars in 2021?

The principal of Racing Point, Szafnauer thinks that F1 cars in 2020 could look the same in 2021 and their speed will be the same as F2.

“We need to have the ability to differentiate one car from another,” said Szafnauer, principal of Racing Point.

“Otherwise they are all going to look the same and go seven seconds a lap slower.”

“The cars are going to be heavier, the downforce is going to be a lot less,”

“We are going to be seven seconds slower than we are,”

“We’re going to be spending $175 million if you spend up to the limit and then there are some things excluded as well,”

“So you’ll spend $200 million to have a Formula that is barely quicker than Formula 2, where the cars look the same.” added Szafnauer.