Sebastian Vettel doesn’t like current cars

Sebastian Vettel says the planned regulation changes for 2021, will influence wether he stays in F1 beyond 2020.

Asked if the rules changes for 2021 will impact whether he decides to continue in F1, Vettel replied: “Of course, yes.

“We gave our opinion and we will give our opinion again, hopefully we will find the sport taking the right turns to grow,”

“The current cars, high speed they’re top of the class but at low speed I wouldn’t say bottom of the class but they are just too heavy,” added Vettel.

“It’s something I don’t like,”

“I think a Formula 1 car that I got to know first was very exciting throughout the speed ranges and the race turned out to be a sprint race which was great because you could push throughout in the car and the tyres every lap.

“Some management will always be there, because you need to use your head and not your feet and hands, but still I think the one rewarded the most should be the fastest man,” added Vettel.