Russell wants ‘more dynamic’ approach from Williams

George Russell believes Williams needs to operate with a “more dynamic” approach to its issues if its is to uphold the burgeoning momentum that emerged in Hungary.

“I’m not convinced but I think we just need to be more dynamic to the situation and have less preconceived thoughts of how we need to approach something – and try more across the weekend.”

“We haven’t really tried enough different things – purely on the tyres – than we should have and that’s something I regret slightly.”

“Formula 1 in the current state with these tyres is a very complex thing,” he expmlained.

“And when you only get two opportunities at it in Q1, when the track evolution is changing so much and the weather’s changing, you’ve got to adapt so much to a situation.

“It’s a bit of a shame in some aspects because it’s such an overhaul and a factor for everyone on the grid.

“There’s way too much work and resource put into these tyres, but from my side we just focus on my side of the garage and get the most out of my car.”