Rosberg: It is clear Ferrari just got their concept wrong on their car

Ferrari will start at the front of the grid for just the second time this season in what is the seventh race after Sebastian Vettel’s sublime lap on his final run in Montreal.

Rosberg said: “Proper awesome lap from Vettel, after so many difficult races and the whole difficult start of the season and everything, so much pressure from Leclerc as well.

“He absolutely bombed it, it was a beautiful lap, perfect. Two-tenths quicker than Lewis, six-tenths quicker than Leclerc, fantastic.

“I’m really, really happy for Vettel actually. For his mental game that’s going to be really, really crucial and it gives him a great opportunity to win so that’s real powerful.”

“They just got their concept wrong and went too far on one side. They need to move that concept back to being fast on the average track.

“They need to bring more downforce to the car and take away some of that straight-line speed but it takes time to change the concept like that. It takes a lot of time so they need to get on top of that very, very quickly.”