Ricciardo on why he left Red Bull

The Australian driver says the prospect of losing Simon Rennie as race engineer, played a part in his decision to leave Red Bull team.

“There were a lot of reasons, but losing Simon, I knew he wasn’t going to engineer this year, if I stayed at Red Bull, and I thought I had a good relationship with him, and there were some unknowns,” said Ricciardo.

“I was certainly comfortable with him.”

“If I knew he stayed, I don’t know if that would’ve been the deciding factor, but it was another [thing] – obviously when you’ve got the Honda concern and a few others, I guess that was another little thing.

Ricciardo was in contact with McLaren and Renault team over 2019 driver.

“And it was Sunday night we had to start to really decide what to do”

“And then on the Monday it all kind of started to kick off a bit more.”

“So when I landed in United States, for US GP, I was like ‘alright, yellow and black,” added Ricciardo.