Red Bull form leaves Verstappens ‘very concerned’

Jos and Max Verstappen have both painted a pretty bleak picture of current events at Red Bull following the summer break.

“We should have been closer, but that is more difficult than we thought,” Jos Verstappen told .

“It is very frustrating. In the last races before the summer break it went really well, but after the summer break we did not progress while the other teams did.

“Max cannot change that, we depend on the team, the car is a bit behind, the engine is a bit behind, more work has to be done on this combination if we want to challenge for the world title next year.”

“Looking at the last couple of races it seems that we will be half a second short in Japan,” Max added.

“Of course we will try everything to close the gap, but half a second you cannot catch up in two weeks’ time.

“The expectation was to close the gap to the competition, but at the moment it does not look like it. We have to work hard to close the gap, otherwise next year will be lost too.”