Michael Schumacher in Paris hospital

Seven-time Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher is being treated with a cutting-edge stem-cell therapy in a Paris hospital, according to reports in France.

A report in Le Parisien claims that Schumacher was admitted under tight guard on Monday to the Georges-Pompidou hospital.

The paper says the treatment is scheduled to be administered on Tuesday.

The Paris hospitals authority, citing France’s strict medical privacy rules, said it could not comment on the claims.

Le Parisien said Schumacher’s treatment involves stem cell infusion for an anti-inflammatory effect. The great German is expected to return to his home in Switzerland on Wednesday.

The report said Schumacher arrived by a Geneva-registered hospital, along with an entourage of about ten people including his own doctor Gerard Saillant.

The body and face of the former Ferrari and Mercedes driver was covered by a cloth to maintain his privacy.

Schumacher has reportedly received the stem cell treatment on at least two other occasions. His latest visit was originally scheduled for July, but was postponed for health reasons.