Key title-winning team builder is leaving F1

Aldo Costa, one of the leading figures behind Mercedes’ recent success, will leave the team, it has been announced.

Aldo Costa was a key building block for the all-conquering Ferrari effort from 2000-2004 and until recently he spearheaded the engineering side of Mercedes’ unbroken run of titles since 2014.

However, at the end of September, Costa’s service with Mercedes will be concluded, before he joins Dallara at the start of January.

Costa, 30 years a servant to F1, has invested what he calls “three big, long cycles” across his three teams: Minardi, Ferrari and Mercedes.

In that time, thanks to the near-25 years spent with Ferrari and Mercedes, he has celebrated 13 constructors’ championships and a further 11 drivers’ titles.

Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff said: “Aldo has been one of the pillars of our team since he joined in 2011 and he now leaves us with the same dignity and professionalism that have characterised his years with us.

Costa said: “After many years working at the pinnacle of our sport, I am excited to be able to contribute some of what I have learned to other racing series and to high-performance automotive projects outside racing.

“I remember writing to Giampaolo [Dallara] at the very beginning of my career for a job – at the time, there was nothing available, but he was able to open some doors for me in the industry.

“Now, many years later, it feels like the wheel has come full circle and I am proud to be joining this iconic company of Italian motorsport.”