Hospital Member: Michael Schumacher is aware!

Former Formula One Champion, Michael Schumacher is ‘Aware’ according to anonymous source at the Paris Hospital, La Parisien publishes.

La Parisien, on Tuesday published quotes that according to anonymous staf member working at the Paris hospital revealed that Michael Schumacher is ‘aware’.

“Yes, he is in my area,” the unnamed person said.

“And I can assure you that he is aware.” he added.

Italian newspaper La Repubblica quoted Milan-based biology professor Angelo Vescovi as saying he was “contacted by a person who knew Schumacher’s family” some years ago.

“They asked if something could be done for Michael Schumacher” he said.

“At that time, we had made an attempt to inject the same cells we use for multiple sclerosis into the brain of a boy in a coma with quite good results.

Source: La Parisien, Grandpx