Honda eyes Monza qualifying mode step from new Formula 1 engine

Honda is hopeful its latest Formula 1 engine will close its qualifying deficit to Mercedes and Ferrari but admits its rivals “won’t wait for us”.

“At the moment we are happy, we will analyse the data and try to optimise the calibration to improve performance as much as we can for Monza.”

“We haven’t analysed the difference between their previous performance and Spa.”

“We will try to find out their improvement compared to our improvement but they don’t wait for us.”

“I hope we close the gap, but in reality from [Spa’s] qualifying result we see a big gap between Ferrari and Mercedes – I don’t know if they [Mercedes] had a problem in qualifying.

“I hope to close the gap, but it’s not easy.”

“Their straightline speed looks hugely impressive, particularly on Saturdays,” said Horner of his team’s rival for second in the constructors’ championship.

“So they’re the benchmark that we all have to strive for.

“But the group behind seems to be converging, you’d have to say, between Mercedes, Honda and Renault.

“It definitely looks like finally we have some convergence.”

“Let’s see what we’ve got in Monza, but then we would expect to be hopefully strong in Singapore and the races that follow that,” he said.

“It should hopefully be an exciting run-in to the end of the year.”