Hamilton still not feeling well

After wet weather impacts Friday’s running at the Hungaroring, Lewis Hamilton dismisses the importance of heading out in the rain with little to learn.

“This afternoon we got a slight run on the harder tyre, I got a couple of laps and that was about it. And then three laps out there, and then we obviously stopped,” Hamilton said.

“There’s just really not much point going out in the wet. Nowadays, if you know Sunday is going to be wet and Saturday is going to be wet and it will be a completely wet weekend, you can make subtle changes to help with the wet balance.

“But it’s kind of irrelevant now, especially when you know the race is going to be mostly dry, then you just focus on getting the best setup in the dry and then you deal with it in the wet.”

“I was a million times better getting back in the car this morning, and even this afternoon,” Hamilton said.

“I’m still sweating a lot, so I’m obviously still sweating out whatever bug that I had, but that’s a good thing.”