Haas seeking a “solution” to stop Formula 1 drivers clashing

Haas Formula 1 boss Gunther Steiner says he must come up with a “solution” to his clashing drivers because team instructions are not getting through to them.

Steiner said after the race he did not “know the solution” because he needed to sleep on it.

“I need to wind down and come up with the solution,” he said.

“I normally come up with solutions how to go forward, that’s my job, and whatever they are I will push them through because we are a team and everybody needs to work for the team and not for himself here.

“I want everybody to be steering in the same direction.

“When I saw it on TV I couldn’t almost believe it.

“There are two cars running into each other and it is our two.”

“It seems to not get through, but I don’t know what is not getting through,” said Steiner.

“I need to think what we do about it with a clear head and make a decision how we sort this out because it isn’t acceptable.

“I can do a lot things. I don’t have to list them all to you, but we need to make a decision how we avoid it.”