First official images of 2021 car revealed

Formula 1 have released first images of what the proposed 2021 cars will look like with the regulation changes coming into place after a model of the latest iteration was run in secrecy at the Sauber wind tunnel.

Before the German Grand Prix the latest model of the 2021 regulations car was ran at the Sauber wind tunnel for extensive testing to discover what forces are created and how they change when the car moves.

“The wind tunnel testing we are doing is slightly different to what the teams might do,” said Pat Symonds, F1’s Chief Technical Officer to

“The teams concentrate solely on the forces on the car, through a variety of attitudes as they move the car around.

“While we naturally have an interest in what those forces are and particularly how those forces change as the car moves, we’re even more interested in what is happening to the turbulent air behind the car.”