Binotto: First win as Ferrari F1 boss doesn’t “really count”

Mattia Binotto does not think his first victory as Ferrari Formula 1 boss “really counts” because it’s Charles Leclerc and the rest of the Ferrari crew who deserve the credit.

“I’m more happy for Charles, more happy for the team, and I really I think if there is any applause it’s to them.

“I think we are working as a team, roles don’t matter. Today we proved that the strength of the team can be very important.”

“I did not think about Austria, but I could hear my engineer telling me the gaps and this gap was reduced every lap,” said Leclerc. “So I was trying to focus on the job, trying to cure the balance of the car.

“We had some problems with the rear tyres, I was trying to help the rear tyres as much as possible to arrive first, and that’s what we did.”

“When I came out behind Sebastian, first I was not completely confident that the degradation was that much on the medium, that I could actually catch him,” said.

“But after two or three laps, there was quite a big delta pace, so then I was like ‘OK, I don’t think we’ll lose time together’, which is exactly what we didn’t do.

“Towards the end, I was checking the mirrors and obviously every lap on the radio, my engineer was telling me the gap with Lewis, and he was very, very quick.

“It was very close. I think one lap more [it] would have been difficult to keep Lewis behind.”