Fittipaldi back Lewis Hamilton to break Schumacher record!

Emerson Fittipaldi believes that Lewis Hamilton will break Schumacher's record. "Lewis Hamilton will be one of the best in history of F1, I think he will pas Michael Schumacher's record," said Fittipaldi. "If Lewis Hamilton is strongly motivated and has the desire to compete and win, he can keep winning F1 world

Binotto: Seb remains a great leader at Scuderia Ferrari

Vettel remains a great leader at Ferrari as speculation over his future continues says Mattia Binotto. "He came at Ferrari with a lot of experience being World Champion," said Binotto "I think Vettel is a great leader for the team," "He is great with engineers with the team and his team-mate as well

Verstappen: I feel ready, we are better than last year!

Max Verstappen says he is ready for the new season after a good final day of testing. "I feel ready for Melbourne after Barcelona testings," said Max Verstappen. "We tried everything we wanted over the six days of testing, so I'm happy with that," "It doesn't mean that we should stop the hard

Ferrari to miss Australian GP due to virus?

Scuderia Ferrari could miss Australian GP due to the corona virus. Mattia Binotto said that Ferrari team would need confirmation from FIA officials that there would be no surprises before allowing staff travel to Australia, after facing diffuclties getting staff members to Bahrain F2 tests. “What we will need is simply to

Final Results: Pre-season testing for 2020 is over!

Final Results: Pre-season testing for 2020 is over! 1 Bottas Mercedes 1m16.196s 2 Verstappen Red Bull 1m16.269s 3 Ricciardo Renault 1m16.276s 4 Leclerc Ferrari 1m16.360s 5 Hamilton Mercedes 1m16.410s 6 Ocon Renault 1m16.433s 7 Perez Racing Point 1m16.634s 8 Sainz McLaren 1m16.820s 9 Russell Williams 1m16.871s 10 Kvyat AlphaTauri 1m16.914s 11 Grosjean Haas 1m17.037s 12 Raikkonen Alfa Romeo 1m17.415s 13 Magnussen Haas 1m17.495s 14 Albon Red Bull 1m17.803s Lap Count: Leclerc - 155 Kvyat - 142 Sainz - 141 Perez - 133 Raikkonen - 115 Russell - 101 Hamilton - 90 Grosjean - 86 Ricciardo - 65 Albon - 59 Ocon - 51 Bottas - 51 Verstappen - 31 Magnussen - 16

Testing Day 2: Barcelona Final Results

Full Results of today's testing 1 Vettel Ferrari 1m16.841s 2 Gasly AlphaTauri 1m17.066s 3 Stroll Racing Point 1m17.118s 4 Latifi Williams 1m17.313s 5 Norris McLaren 1m17.573s 6 Verstappen Red Bull 1m17.738s 7 Bottas Mercedes 1m17.985s 8 Ocon Renault 1m18.013s 9 Magnussen Haas 1m18.225s 10 Albon Red Bull 1m18.393s 11 Ricciardo Renault 1m18.395s 12 Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo 1m19.670s 13 Hamilton Mercedes 1m22.425s

Test day 1: Final Results – Barcelona

Testing Results in Barcelona 1 Kubica Alfa Romeo 1m16.942s 2 Verstappen Red Bull 1m17.347s 3 Perez Racing Point 1m17.428s 4 Kvyat AlphaTauri 1m17.456s 5 Gasly AlphaTauri 1m17.540s 6 Albon Red Bull 1m17.550s 7 Hamilton Mercedes 1m17.562s 8 Stroll Racing Point 1m17.787s 9 Bottas Mercedes 1m18.100s 10 Vettel Ferrari 1m18.113s 11 Ricciardo Renault 1m18.214s 12 Sainz McLaren 1m18.221s 13 Leclerc Ferrari 1m18.244s 14 Latifi Williams 1m18.300s 15 Russell Williams 1m18.535s 16 Grosjean Haas 1m18.670s 17 Norris McLaren 1m18.826s 18 Raikkonen Alfa Romeo 1m19.820s 19 Ocon Renault 1m21.542

Test Day One: Morning Results – Barcelona

Test Day One: Morning Results - Barcelona 1 Kubica Alfa Romeo 1m16.942s 2 Gasly AlphaTauri 1m17.540s 3 Albon Red Bull 1m17.550s 4 Hamilton Mercedes 1m17.562s 5 Stroll Racing Point 1m17.787s 6 Vettel Ferrari 1m18.113s 7 Ricciardo Renault 1m18.214s 8 Sainz McLaren 1m18.221s 9 Latifi Williams 1m18.300s 10 Grosjean Haas 1m18.670s Lap Count: Vettel 78 Hamilton 78 Ricciardo 53 Kubica 50 Latifi 48 Sainz 46 Grosjean 34 Stroll 36 Albon 19 Gasly 18

5 interesting Formula 1 things you need to know

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of Motorsport and will probably stay that way for the rest of our lives. Here are 5 Interesting F1 things you need to know F1 Car With A Fan Was Once Used In 1978, Brabham wanted to try something radical in order to gain an advantage over the

Hamilton and Senna are the best ever – Gerhard Berger

F1 Legend Gerhard Berger thinks that Lewis Hamilton is the only driver that he's on the same level as Ayrton Senna was. He believes that Hamilton and Senna are the best drivers in history of Formula 1. "Like it or not, in the last 6 years only Rosberg beat him," "Nico cost Hamilton