Verstappen criticises Leclerc after Suzuka collision

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc collided in corner 2, the Red Bull driver veered into the grass after a touch and had to give up the race 14 laps later due to massive damage to the RB15. “We had a really good start,” says Verstappen “I just stayed on the outside and

WATCH: Michael Schumacher’s driving style explained

How Michael Schumacher won seventh F1 title and why? Was it the driving style or just a winning car? Michael Schumacher used left foot for braking and the right foot for throttle. His teammate Rubens Barrichello used the right foot for both throttle and brakes. This implies Michael Schumacher can accelerate while braking,

Red Bull comments on Verstappen concerns

Lately Max Verstappen was concerned about Red Bull pace and overall performance of the car. "I feel that if I'm in the same car as Lewis and Leclerc I can go two tenths faster than them," Verstappen said. "I though we could fight for the title in 2020, but not anymore," Verstappen

Villeneuve at Zolder for the first time – 37 years after his father died

The Former F1 champion, Villeneuve is racing at Zolder this weekend, 37 years after his father lost his life back in 1982. Jascques Villeneuve competes in Nascar Whelen Euro Series, he told Motor Sport that he never been here before. "I've never been here before," Villeneuve told Motor Sport. "It's where my dad

Some teams are copying us – Binotto

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto says some teams are copying their front wing concept. "I think some teams are copying us at the moment, especially front wing," said Mattia Binotto, Gpfans reported. "More than us copying the others," "Whatever we are building on this season, will be the key for 2020 too," "That's why we

Lewis Hamilton hints at move to Ferrari

The five time world champion Lewis Hamilton says he looks good in red, he is rumored to switch to Ferrari F1 team. Lewis Hamilton said: "I know I look good in red but it is a very difficult scenario!," GP Blog reported. "I've been with Mercedes for 20 years," "Change is cool but

Verstappen: I’m quicker than Hamilton and Leclerc

Verstappen thinks he can go 'two tenths quicker' than Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc if he had the same car as them. “I personally feel that if I’m in the same car, I can go two tenths of a second faster than them [Hamilton n Leclerc,” said Verstappen “When I saw that

Marko: Ferrari loves these games

Helmut Marko says Ferrari 'loves these games' after Sochi drama last weekend. "Vettel was ahead, so Leclerc complained and then the engineer said 'Don't worry, we'll fix it with the pitstop'," said Dr. Marko "What that means is 'we'll manipulate the pitstop'. That's against fairness and against sport," "Ferrari loves these games, although

Button wants to drive F1 car again

Jenson Button who won F1 drivers' championship back in 2009 says he would love to race again in F1. Jenson Button said: "I do miss it in some ways and would love to drive an F1 car again." “I would like to say yes but you get forgotten very quickly in this

Vettel travelled to Italy to visit Ferrari headquarters

The German driver travelled to Italy to visit Ferrari headquarters at Maranello and for a meeting with Mattia Binotto. Tension remains high between Sebastian Vettel and team-mate Charles Leclerc and the duo were at loggerheads at the Russian GP last week. Charles Leclerc let Sebastian Vettel pass him early on in Sochi