Alonso: Age not a problem for F1 return

Two-time world champion, Fernando Alonso says age will not be a problem for F1 comeback.

Fernando Alonso will be 39-years-old by 2021, but that doesn’t mean he still couldn’t succeed in F1.

“I don’t think age will be a problem,” said Fernando Alonso

“The new cars will be very different, with no fuel stops, are not so demanding, and with seven or eight seconds slower per lap,”

“Also with the new 18-inch wheels, it will change the handling of the car, so everyone should change the way they drive,”

Fernando Alonso has won two world championships and many fans and pundits believe he couldn’t extract his potential during his years in F1.

Fernando Alonso describes having unfinished business in F1, “People think that I deserved more than I achieved, especcially in the last few years,” added Fernando.